Informa Exhibitions Ltd regrets to announce the closure of Solids & Bulk Handling magazine.

Solids & Bulk Handling magazine has been affected by the ongoing downward trend of on-the-page marketing spend. This combined with the economic pressures that the loose and solids handling industry face has ultimately led to the sad and difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine.

The November/December 2017 issue of Solids & Bulk Handling will be its last edition.


Solids Handling Problems? - Challenge us at the Wolfson Centre May 18, 2009

Our Mission? . . .  is simply to help industry to get its powders and bulk materials to behave in the way they need them to!
Our philosophy

Our key to getting material to behave as you want it to, is to measure its behaviour in a relevant setting, then use that information in a sound process model to design or select the right solution. 

Whether it is in the storage and discharge of particulates, the conveying of powders, variable product quality or irregular flow, we can help you solve any unruly behaviour of loose materials.

The same techniques can be used also to help in reformulating materials you make, so they behave better in your, or your customers’, plants.


We have the greatest collection of resources to tackle solids handling challenges all under one roof, anywhere in the UK or Europe, possibly in the world!

The expertise of our people - Our industrial consulting engineers have between them, well over a hundred man-years of experience in solving problems in the flow and processing of powders, granules and lump materials, in all industries from pharmaceuticals and food to mining and chemicals.  These people concentrate on nothing else but the needs of industry – and are at your disposal.

They are backed up by a large team of researchers engaged with pushing back the boundaries of bulk solids characterisation, handling equipment design and process models.

Pilot plant – Our industrial scale plant is available for your project, including pneumatic and mechanical conveying, hoppers and silos, screening, blending, feeding, dosing, pressing, transport, drying, environmental effects, control systems and all that you find in a real plant or logistics chain.

Material characterisation – we can measure every behavioural aspect of a powder or bulk material; our comprehensive facilities include not only standard techniques but also all the latest methods of putting numbers to the behaviour of bulk materials!

So, got a problem? ………Challenge us!

We can help you by:-

  • • Telephone assistance – a short chat (free of charge!) to point you in the right direction
  • • Day visits – to offer advice, or to audit your operations for improvement
  • • Troubleshooting – recommending changes, redesigns, material reformulations etc.
  • • Material characterisation and assessment– on a contract or one-off basis
  • • System/equipment selection and design – to arrive at the best designs or components
  • • Technology transfer – so you can meet the challenges yourselves.  Funding may be available!
  • • Equipment development – for your novel idea or unique solids processing requirement
  • • Research – If you need to understand your materials and processes in more depth
  • • Short courses – both here at Wolfson and at your own premises
  • • Expert witness services – reports, analyses, “forensic engineering” and court appearances
  • • Process modelling – to predict what will happen to the material in your existing or proposed plant or logistics chain, or to select the right solution.
  • • Pliot plant trials – test the materials or proposed system off-line to avoid problems on start-up

Contact us…..
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Tel:020 8331 8646