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Sainsbury and Morrisons Warn of Metal in Chocolate Eclairs August 10, 2016

Sainsbury and Morrisons Warn of Metal in Chocolate Eclairs

Sadly, metal contaminated food that reaches the consumer is not uncommon.  This latest product recall of Chocolate Eclairs and Profiteroles will be costly in monetary terms and also consumer confidence.  For Sainsbury, this is the 2nd recent recall following a 'metal in bread' issue reported in January 2016.

The source of the metal contamination is presently under investigation and will highlight areas that need improvement.  However, many food processing and production companies have a Metal Contamination Audit conducted annually to review the process, identify any changes and check the performance of the Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors.  This then forms part of the Quality and Safety Management Procedure.

Further information on the latest metal in food scandal to hit Sainsbury and Morrisons can be read in the article 'Metal Found in Chocolate Eclairs'.

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