New Product – AE 2000 – RS & PE4000 – RS Series February 21, 2012

These units utilise the Brad® Quick Connectivity range of 3 & 4 pin connectors, and are designed to make the electrical termination method for on site installations much easier & allow more flexibility on  product interchange ability.

Both units are available in either a 3 pin (RS30) or 4 pin (RS40) connector allowing use of all the output signal configurations currently required by our customers. There are 2 connection terminations available in both the AE2000 & PE4000 – RS series units in the form of a housing or flexible conduit mounting arrangement. Rotech Systems can manufacture the flexible conduit connection method to suit any length that the installation dictates. The Brad® connectors are also available for termination to a local installation junction box making the flexibility to relocate the Rotech Motion Sensor/Encoder to other parts of the installation site if the customer prefers.

Shortly this connectivity option is to be re-extended to both the AE3000 and SSE (Stainless Steel) type units therefore allowing greater flexibility within the electrical output terminations of all Rotech Motion Sensors/Encoders.

Brad® industrial grade connectors together with Rotech Systems continue to develop and provide the best, most cost effective solution for tough connection applications when using Rotech Motion Sensors/Encoders.

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AE2000 – RS

PE4000 – RS

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AE2000 – RS

PE4000 – RS

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