Metal Found in Ben & Jerry’s Icecream October 11, 2016

Metal Found in Ben & Jerry’s Icecream

Ben & Jerry's is widely regarded as a premium brand of ice cream and so how could metal end up in the end product?

Metal contamination can be introduced into a food process at a number of weak points.  The metal could have been:

  • Present in the ingredients when delivered to the factory (eg sugar);
  • Introduced with the ingredients at the beginning of the process;
  • Originated from worn or broken processing equipment (eg a broken screen or worn pump);
  • Accidentally introduced during maintenance (eg a metal item being dropped into the process);

Tube Magnet

Irrespective where the metal was introduced, there should be a number of safeguards against the metal-contaminated ice cream leaving the factory.  These include:

Magnetic Separators at various stages in the process to capture metal.  In the case of ice cream, Magnetic Separators would be located:

At the point where the ingredients are received.  Ingredients would then pass through a Magnetic Separator such as:

During the process, once in a liquid form.  The Magnetic Liquid Filter is inserted into pipelines to remove metal;

Later in the process, especially once the product is packaged in the tub, Metal Detectors are used to identify the presence of metal;

Other Food Safety reports relating to Metal-in-Food include:

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