Informa Exhibitions Ltd regrets to announce the closure of Solids & Bulk Handling magazine.

Solids & Bulk Handling magazine has been affected by the ongoing downward trend of on-the-page marketing spend. This combined with the economic pressures that the loose and solids handling industry face has ultimately led to the sad and difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine.

The November/December 2017 issue of Solids & Bulk Handling will be its last edition.


If you manufacture and/or design pneumatic conveying systems, this short course is a MUST for you January 06, 2016

If you manufacture and/or design pneumatic conveying systems, this short course is a MUST for you

Pneumatic Conveying System Design: Advanced Course; 2 – 3 February 2016; Kent
£765 per delegate

There is a tradition of different companies using different design equations and assumptions. There has in recent years been a lot of new information generated using improved methods for measurement of material conveying properties, the use of these for design and the effects of design details such as bends and stepped bore sizes. The ultimate aim will be to share the most up-to-date knowledge on how to obtain pipeline designs that work reliably, delivering the required throughput without unplanned maintenance and undesired impact on quality of the powder being handled.

Rotary Valves; Design, Selection and Operational Issues; 4 February 2016; Kent
£490 per delegate

Rotary valves are widely used to feed pneumatic conveying pipelines, and for feed metering, explosion isolation, atmospheric isolation etc.  However there are literally thousands of combinations of different feature options available covering choice of materials of construction, rotor type, drive type, venting arrangements, bearing pattern, seal choice, clearances, cleaning features etc.  Faced with this bewildering choice, how does an engineer decide what to specify?  This course will help understand the reasons for the different options and how to choose them.

Attendance on all 3 days is recommended to complete the full range of information on offer on this topic. £1185 for 3 days

It is expected that delegates will already be familiar with the basics of pneumatic conveying.

Discounts are available for delegates who have previously attended the basic pneumatic conveying short course at the Centre. See web site for details.

On-line registration and full details of these and all other courses can be found at

These courses can also be presented in-company where a number of delegates are interested in attending.

Rotary Valve image courtesy of DMN UK Ltd

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