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Harsh underfloors are still the first choice for Peacock Brothers November 15, 2017

Harsh underfloors are still the first choice for Peacock Brothers
Today, few if any transport operators can say they are still buying the same equipment that they did 30 years ago, but for Peacock Brothers of Minskip, North Yorkshire the case for Harsh underfloor tipping gears was proven almost from ‘Day One’.

Back in 1987, Peacock Brothers was one of the very first UK tipper operators to try out Harsh’s revolutionary (for then) stabilised underfloor tipping equipment.
“For our type of work, it just looked a much better bit of kit” says company director Chris Peacock, who continues “and it absolutely was, because for all the 100 - plus tippers we’ve bought since then, every single one has had the same HARSH K110 underfloor gear. Even today, there’s nothing to touch it.”

To maximise the company’s range of services, the 20 eight wheelers in Peacock’s fleet have to be able to tackle every type of work that comes along, including muckshifting, site work and carrying materials for recycling. As such, it’s vital that their vehicles are specified to provide the highest standards of reliability, durability and operating safety, whatever the job of the day.

For a hard working tipper business, Chris Peacock points out the three key benefits of HARSH underfloor tipping gears: “First, they offer unrivalled stability when tipping on uneven ground. Second, unlike a front end gear, you can install them further back on the chassis to give a super - high tipping angle which is ideal for ejecting sticky loads. And third, if you ever need to change a seal, you can lift the body on one cylinder whilst you work on the other. Changing a seal takes us 90 minutes, whereas for a front end gear the truck would be off the road for a whole day.

Harsh underfloors are supremely cost-effective in that they really do help to maximise vehicle availability whilst also reducing off - road downtime, accidents and insurance costs.”

Now part of a standard tipper specification that includes Renault chassis and Townend steel bodies (each also fitted with Harsh’s ‘Flip n’ Go’ sheeting system), Peacock’s trucks typically move a minimum of over 100 tonnes of material per day. In the long term, the benefits of having a top-notch tipper specification at the outset really pays off as the company expects a full 10 year working life before the trucks are sold off.

The origins of the Peacock business began as far back as 1895 by providing agricultural services such as threshing to local farmers. Peacock Brothers itself was formed in 1948 and today offers not just tipper services but also contract use of shovels, crushers and a wide variety of plant and equipment.

Speaking for Harsh, director Grant Faulkner notes: “Peacock Brothers was one of Harsh UK’s very first customers, and we are absolutely delighted that since selling them that first gear 30 years ago Harsh underfloors have been fitted on every Peacock tipper since. This is a truly unique testimony, both in terms of the proven quality of our product but also of the really special relationship between our two businesses.”

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