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Erratic, unpredictable and dangerous - January 12, 2016

Erratic, unpredictable and dangerous -

When handling powders and particulates, you may have experienced the generation of electrostatic charges causing unwanted cohesion or adhesion of materials. This may have then resulted in difficulties such as particle agglomeration, segregation, material build-up on equipment or ignition causing explosions.


To help industry understand the reasons for this occurrence experts at the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology have pooled their knowledge and experience to deliver a one day short course which discusses how and why this happens, the resulting hazards, and possible solutions to reduce the risk of repetition.


Split into 3 sessions, the following topics will be dealt with during the course of the day.


Section 1

¨ Electrostatic charge phenomenon

¨ Understanding the electrostatic charge

¨ Fundamental theory  of electrostatics

¨ Electrostatic charge of particulates


Section 2

¨ Charge influences on physical properties

¨ Electrostatic hazards

¨ Charge evaluation and measurement techniques


Section 3

¨ Charge assessment and control

¨ Application of the electrostatic charge


The day ends with a workshop/discussion period relating to your own electrostatic issues.


Further details and on-line booking is available at


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