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Camfil APC Expands Line of Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters August 30, 2013

Camfil APC Expands Line of Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters

Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) has expanded its line of integrated safety monitoring filters (SMF) for Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust extractors. In addition to the current HEPA filters available for critical applications, the company now offers ASHRAE-grade filters where a more economical option is needed. Conveniently integrated on top of the extractor, these after-filter modules prevent collected dust from re-entering the workspace if there should be a leak in the dust collector’s primary filtering system. In addition, the SMF modules are now proven to function as flame arrestors for combustible dust on most recirculating applications.

The new ASHRAE filter module incorporates two Camfil Riga-Flo® filters rated at 95 percent ASHRAE efficiency and capable of handling 4200 m3/h of air per filter.

The HEPA filter module has the same design and capacity but incorporates filters rated to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles of 0.3 micron in diameter. Both versions allow convenient access to the after-filters and easy change-out via the same platform used to access the primary filters. The integrated SMF design allows the total footprint of the dust collection system to be reduced, saving valuable manufacturing floor space and reducing the costs associated with remotely mounted systems.

After extensive testing, Camfil APC claims that either the HEPA or Riga-Flo version of the integrated SMF module is an acceptable device for protecting the exhaust of Farr Gold Series dust extractors by preventing flames from recirculating into a workspace in the event of a dust collector explosion as may be required according to a risk assessment and protection plan per the user ATEX directive 1999/92 EC, article 3 of the directive. This conclusion is only valid for organic dust ST1 and ST2 (Max KST 299 Bar m/s). In some cases such as when explosive gases or metals are present, additional pressure wave protection could be required. Detailed performance documentation is available from the company.

For information on Farr Gold Series extractors with integrated safety monitoring filters, go to For general information, contact Camfil APC at (0)1706 363 820; e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address); web

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