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Solids & Bulk Handling magazine has been affected by the ongoing downward trend of on-the-page marketing spend. This combined with the economic pressures that the loose and solids handling industry face has ultimately led to the sad and difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine.

The November/December 2017 issue of Solids & Bulk Handling will be its last edition.


Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Materials; one day course March 30, 2016

Course overview

This one-day course is designed to deal with issues relating to keeping powders and granules in a free-flowing, lump-free condition. A large percentage of work undertaken at the Wolfson Centre relates directly to the spoiling and/or solidifying of powders and particulates during handling, storage and discharge. In order to pass on this knowledge and expertise, the one day course on Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Solids has been developed to provide process engineers with the information they need to predict and avoid this problem that can cost the company  valuable time and money in re-work, lost customer confidence and reduced business.

Subjects Covered

Understanding the forces between particles and how they relate to chemistry, the environment and physical processes;
Methods for determining caking tendencies of powders and granules;
Practical advice on changes to the product and the handling and storage conditions to reduce this problem;
Advice on selection of the solution and practical implementation;
Extensive case studies of caking problems and their solutions across the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and other industries.


This is a one-day course, with an emphasis on the practical aspects of technology. We begin with a comprehensive introduction to give a basic understanding of materials handling, before moving on to more detailed work.

We'll use case studies throughout to illustrate the presentations, with plenty of discussion periods so that we can analyse any specific problems experienced by attendees.

Is this for me?

The course is aimed at Produce Managers, Development Chemists/Formulators, Quality Assurance Officers and Plant Designers/Managers.

Operational staff or senior management will also benefit through a better understanding of what can go wrong and how to make your plant as efficient and trouble-free as possible. The course is ideal for those new to materials handling, those who require an update on the subject, or those who need a working knowledge of the behaviour of powdered/granular materials.

Course fees are £490 per person. Booking is available on line at Discounts are available for multiple registrations.

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