Informa Exhibitions Ltd regrets to announce the closure of Solids & Bulk Handling magazine.

Solids & Bulk Handling magazine has been affected by the ongoing downward trend of on-the-page marketing spend. This combined with the economic pressures that the loose and solids handling industry face has ultimately led to the sad and difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine.

The November/December 2017 issue of Solids & Bulk Handling will be its last edition.


4B expands Forged Chain Department May 22, 2013

4B expands Forged Chain Department

As the 4B Braime Group celebrates their 125th anniversary this year, 4B Braime has just expanded their Chain department.

The company has added a new welding and assembly cell for a quicker turnaround of their chain orders. All CNC machining for sprockets and trailers is done on site at 4B’s Leeds headquarters. A new extra sales engineer for chains has also been added to the team.

“Due to increased sales and production demand to satisfy our customer’s ongoing and changing requirements and needs, we decided to make a major investment in an enclosed chain production and storage cell. This consists of a Robot welder, fabrication, bending and cutting machinery, assembly tables, CNC lathe, packing area, and an enclosed environmentally controlled chain warehouse. This has facilitated better delivery times, exacting quality and a delivery service that our customers deserve. As our range and production increases over time, we now have the method and environment to control this”, explains Dave Wolstencroft, group chain manager at 4B.

4B Drop Forged Chains

4B’s forged chain is machined to precise tolerances and heat treated to endure high temperature and highly abrasive applications. Made from the best materials, 4B’s drop forged chain also maintains the highest tensile test results on a consistent basis

The main industries that 4B forged chains have been used in are the agricultural, coal, cement, wood chips, ash handling, sugar, animal feeds, aggregates, gypsum, etc. All these products have been used in conveyors of various length, angles and high capacity applications, including high temperature.

4B Bolt ‘n’ Go Chains

The Bolt ‘n’ Go Flight system is the revolutionary assembly method for flights. NO MORE WELDING! This new and simple method of assembling chain links and the high strength Nylon flights uses a standard bolt and nut with a high strength hollow pin. No need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength. Just bolt the links and the flights together. It’s easy, simple and reliable! The Bolt ‘n’ Go system is currently available for 4B102NA, 4B142NA and 4B142HA links with flights up to 750mm wide.

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