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Solids & Bulk Handling magazine has been affected by the ongoing downward trend of on-the-page marketing spend. This combined with the economic pressures that the loose and solids handling industry face has ultimately led to the sad and difficult decision to cease publishing the magazine.

The November/December 2017 issue of Solids & Bulk Handling will be its last edition.


2 Poles or 1 Pole Is The Overband Magnet Question July 05, 2016

2 Poles or 1 Pole Is The Overband Magnet Question

The Overband Magnet is one of the most commonly used Magnetic Separators in the world.  Suspended over conveyor belts, the Overband Magnet magnetically attracts, and then lifts separates ferrous metal from non-metallic material.  It is that simple.  Or is it?

The vast majority of Overband Magnets in use today are designed with a single magnetic pole.

However, an Overband Magnet with a twin or double magnetic pole enables enhanced separation across the whole width of a conveyor and is better for separating long sharp ferrous metals like nails.

Bunting has installed Twin Pole Overband Magnets in a wide variety of quarrying, aggregate and recycling plants.  The enhanced separation improves the protection of processing equipment such as Cone Crushers whilst also enabling enhanced separation and recovery of steel such as UBCs.

Further information can be found on the Bunting Magnetics website.

And, to answer the Shakespeare inspired question, yes two pole are better than one.


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