Process Components Ltd

Process Components Ltd (PCL) manufactures and supplies a broad portfolio of material handling and processing products and equipment under the following brands

  • KEK - Centrifugal Sifting Machines, Universal Mills,  Kibbler / Nibbler and Cone Mills
  • Mucon - Iris valves, Slide valves, material Discharge Aids, Level Indicators and a wide range of stainless steel Butterfly valves, Composite valves, Feeder valves, Dosing valves and Sample valves.
  • Gardner - Custom built Mixers and Blenders
  • PPS - Air Classifier Mills

Our brands are synonymous with high quality, dependability and easy to maintainance. PCL also offers an outstanding level of technical and customer service support to its large and diverse customer base.

Industries served include,

  • Food Processing
  • Cement
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Plastics / Polymer
  • Rubber
  • Mining / Minerals
  • Chemical Processing

Process Components is proud of its reputation in supplying application expertise and outstanding material handling and process solutions to its ever growing number of customers around the world.

Technical Expertise

The success of PCL can be attributed to

  • It’s large, reliable and easy to operate and install product ranges.
  • Its in-house engineering capability which is able to provide customers with outstanding be-spoke designed solutions.
  • Its experienced sales and engineering personnel work very closely with customers in a consultative manner. This allows the PCL team to fully understand their customers application processes, problems and needs and so are better able to offer their clients with the most cost effective and efficient solutions.

Mucon Valves

  • The Iris Diaphragm Valve (IDV), provides a simple method of efficiently controlling the flow and isolation of bulk solids. Its extensive range includes the simple Series H IBC discharge version, through to the easy clean hygienic stainless steel Series K with its injection-moulded diaphragm used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.Iris valves can be supplied with manual, electric or pneumatic actuation.
  • Mucon also boasts a range of Disc Valves / Swing Gate Valves. These valves can be supplied in a variety of materials and finishes.The disc and the face to which it seals are angled to prevent the valve jamming in the closed position. The valve can be operated manually, by pneumatic or electric linear actuators.
  • Our Butterfly Valves are grouped into two categories; ’Hygienic’ and ‘General Purpose’. The Hygienic types offer quick disconnection, and easy clean attributes, while our General Purpose types provide a more conventional range, better able to cope with extreme environments and high pressures. The hygenic valve range include;

            Butterfly valves
            Composite valves
            Feeder valves
            Tablet valves
            Dosing valves
            Sample valves

  • Mucon also has an extensive range of manual, pneumatic and electrically actuated Slide Valves. The SD-P Slide valve has stainless steel core and blade. The blade itself differs from others in the market as it offers the operator a moving orifice. This moving orifice allows the Slide valve to be self cleaning and is less likely to jam in operation. The SD-P Slide valve is ideal for hygienic and pressure rated applications. The Mucon RGV range offers the end user a custom made solution in terms of valve materials, dimensions (Square or Rectangular) and component finish.

Material Discharge Equipment

Flow promotion products complete the Mucon range. They are the ideal solution for over coming 'Bridging' and 'Rat-Holing' issues in hoppers and silos.

  • Promoflow Discharge Aid
  • Turbine vibrators

• The Promoflow Discharge Aids provide a retro-fit solution to bin or silo discharge problems. The Promoflow is virtually silent in      operation and as we say, "only shakes the contents, not the bin". It even comes in a Mini range for very small hoppers or tubes.

• Turbine vibrators, when installed correctly, provide a tried and tested method for improved powder flow by vibrating the hopper.

Process Equipment Spare Parts

PCL offers spare parts and machine maintenance services which encompass everything you will need to efficiently operate,

  • Centrifugal Sifters
  • Universal / Hammer Mills,
  • Air Classifier Mills,
  • Cone Mills,
  • Kibblers / Nibblers,
  • Ribbon Mixers and Plough Shear Mixers,
  • Blenders

Our available spare parts resource for these machine types is extremely extensive; contact us for more information.                            Tel: +44 (0) 1625 412000      Email:

KEK Centrifugal Sifting Machines

The KEK easy clean Cantilever design Centrifugal Sifter offers the end user high standards of hygiene and ease of operation.

The KEK range of Sifters includes everything from a small Laboratory Sifter to the K1350 which is designed to handle throughputs of up to 100 tons per hour.

Centrifugal Sifter applications include;

  • Feedstock Policing - Remove aglomerated product and foreign objects that may have entered the process
  • Scalping - Removes a small percentage of product exceeding the maximum feedstock specification.
  • Classification - Product is divided into various grades for further processiing or packing
  • De-Dusting - Removal of 'fines' that have been generated during product handling which may spoil the appearance of a packed product or cause a problem during subsequent processing
  • Conditioning - Provides a uniform product density to allow the product to flow easily.
  • De-Agglomerating - Removal of agglomerates from perfectly good product
  • De-Watering - Removal of excess liquid from certain slurries, pastes and solids in suspension
  • De-Packeting - Recovers product from all types of packaging
  • Fruit De-Lumping - Blocks of dried fruit for example can be broken up into individual pieces without damage.
  • In-Line Sieving - A Centrifugal Sifter is fitted directly into a pneumatic conveying systemfor check sieving of powders between storage and usage.

Sifter Screens

Mesh screens and wedge wire baskets used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are available in

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Anti-static nylon
  • Woven wire screens in carbon or stainless steel.

PCL can offer aperture sizes from 10µm up to 5,000µm, in all manner of shapes and sizes to suit all the top sifter brands. Sieving requirements are becoming ever more stringent, with ever-reducing mesh sizes being specified by end users; so it is vital that we are able to assist our customers by not only manufacturing their screens, but also helping them to predict the effect any change is likely to have on their sieving throughput rates.

Many customers have begun to move away from traditional mesh screens, migrating to wedge wire technology. The very robust welded mesh, manufactured from fine wedge-shaped strands, has a greatly increased life expectancy; and should it fail, the ferritic stainless-steel construction makes it attractive to magnets.

Milling Consumables

PCL can help specify and provide all manner of grinding media. Whether ‘Pin and Disc’ configuration or a ‘Turbine and Screen’ solution, we can provide parts and technical process support.
Our experience with Air Classifier Mills allows us to provide consumable parts to the original manufacturer's specifications, including classifiers, pins, bar hammers, discs, liners and much more.
We also offer cones for Cone Mills and screens for Kibblers. All products and services are backed by our extensive technical know-how.

Machine Service and Repair of Mill and Sifter Bearing Assemblies

For the many varieties of bearing assemblies fitted to mills and larger sifters, we offer a

  • Strip and inspect service
  • A full refurbishment service,
  • As well as supplying new products.

We are able to service and repair all machines on a contractual or ad hoc basis. Maintenance and breakdown repairs can be carried out anywhere in the UK and further afield.


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